Treat Yourself To Our

Homemade Goodies

Frozen Treats

While we no longer hand crank our ice cream, our product is as close as you can get. Our commercial ice cream maker makes one batch at a time of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. You’ll never get bored of our endless list of flavors – over 60 and counting!

Homemade Ice Cream

Single Scoop $3.50   Double Scoop $5.50   Triple Scoop $6.50   Child $2.50
Waffle Cone add 90¢   Sugar Cone add 30¢ 

Our ice cream is all made in house with only the finest natural ingredients. French Vanilla Bean, Butter Pecan, Caramel Turtle Fudge, Smoky Mountain Fudge, & over 40 more flavors!

Banana Split

Small $5.99  Large $8.90

Come in and enjoy the best banana split this side of the Smoky Mountains! Made with fresh bananas and 3 hefty scoops of ice cream with your favorite toppings.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Small $4.50   Large $5.95

Want to add some special toppings to our already amazing ice cream? Order an ice cream sundae for syrup, nuts, whipped cream, and fruits of your choice!


Regular $4.50   Large $5.50

Similar to a milkshake, our malts use malted milk powder, giving a toasty, buttery flavor that is just a bit savory. 

Milk Shake

Small $4.25   Large $5.25

We make our milkshakes from any flavor of our delicious ice cream, ensuring that our milk shakes are some of the best you’ll find in East Tennessee. 

Ice Cream Float

Small $3.95  Large $4.95

Just like our milkshakes, our ice cream floats are made with our delicious ice cream! If you like ice cream floats, we are sure ours will be one of the best you’ve ever had!


Regular $5.95

Our apple, peach and blackberry cobblers are all made from scratch from old family recipes. Come in and enjoy some with a big scoop of ice cream

Fruit Smoothies

Regular $4.47

Enjoy a fruit smoothie packed with fresh whole fruit. Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Wildberry, Strawberry-Banana.

Baked Goods

Breads, cookies, brownies, muffins, cobbler, and more. Don’t settle for store bought when you can savor a truly delectable, freshly-baked treat made with all-natural ingredients.

Blackberry Cobbler Bread

Full Loaf $6.98   Mini Loaf $3.25   Muffins $2.25

It’s no wonder the Blackberry Cobbler Bread is our best selling bread. It’s full of fresh and juicy summer blackberry’s picked right here in East Tennessee.

Apple Coffee Cake

Full Loaf $6.98   Mini Loaf $3.25   Muffins $2.25

Our delicious Apple Coffee Cake bread is made with fresh apples grown right here in East Tennessee and sprinkled with a sweet crumb topping!

Apple Banana Nut Bread

Full Loaf $6.98   Mini Loaf $3.25   Muffins $2.25

Made with ripe bananas and crunchy pecans, our apple banana nut bread will keep you coming back for more!

Apple Walnut Bread

Full Loaf $6.98   Mini Loaf $3.25   Muffins $2.25

A rich moist breakfast bread loaded with apples picked right here in East Tennessee and fresh English walnuts.

Apple Cinnamon Bread

Full Loaf $6.98   Mini Loaf $3.25   Muffins $2.25

Our signature bread with fresh raisins and coconut.

Signature Bread Mix

Regular $8.95

Order any one of our signature bread mixes and you can make up to 2 Full Loaves or 2 Dozen Muffins.

Ultimate Fudge Brownies Mix

Regular $8.98

Apple Valley Creamery’s very own Ultimate Fudge Brownie mix. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Each bag of mix will make a dozen 2″ x 2″ brownies.

Cookie Mix

Regular $8.98

You can’t go wrong with any of our delicious cookies. Choose from Apple Oatmeal Walnut, Chocolate Chip, and Cranberry Oatmeal Walnut.